Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

   Commissioning for Value

In-depth comparative data for 13 patient conditions, within the programmes that are most commonly identified as offering the greatest potential improvements.

   NHS Payment System

The central hub for tariff information including proposal documents for upcoming years, useful for planning and tariff management.

   NHS Comparators

Benchmarking and comparing activity and costs on a local, regional and national level for commissioners and providers. Provides an indicative sense of where to look deeper.

   Secondary Uses Service (SUS)

Data can be patient identifiable or anonymised or as required for the user's needs and can be useful for benchmarking, consumption mapping and assessing cost base.

   Hospital Episode Statistics

HES is a data warehouse containing details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and A&E attendances at NHS hospitals useful for risk stratification.

   Patient Reported Outcome Measures Tool (PROMT)

Data collected for 4 procedures: hip and knee replacements, groin hernia and varicose veins. The tool enablescommissioners to examine the relationship between a range of local factors. Useful for risk stratification and benchmarking against peer groups for an indicative sense of to look deeper.