This section contains links to academic and commercial papers and journals that feature value in healthcare:


   Better value in the NHS

In a time of severe financial constraint, the NHS is being asked to make productivity savings of £22 billion by 2020/21. However, this report argues that, rather than looking at efficiency and costs, the NHS should be focusing on getting better value from its budget.

   Two sides of the same coin

This briefing brings together the views of NHS leaders and highlights the key messages arising from a roundtable held at the end of last year. These messages will be of interest to other NHS leaders who are tackling similar challenges, the national bodies and politicians supporting them in doing so, and members of the public who need to engage in this important debate.

   Protecting Resources, Promoting Value

A new report issued today by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has identified nearly two billions pounds worth of cost savings the NHS could be making if it provided more appropriate care in just sixteen areas of clinical practice. The guidance being made available to doctors shows how a series of relatively simple measures could create savings which can be reinvested to improve patient care and raise standards across the healthcare system.

   Joining the dots

Joining the Dots - Making healthcare work better for the local economy. This collection of essays addresses the connections between healthcare, planning and economic development. Better integration of the new planning and healthcare systems is seen as critical to creating prosperous and sustainable communities. According to the 2010 Marmot Review there is not only a strong social justice case for reducing health inequalities, but also a compelling economic case.

   Value in Health Care

The Learning Health Care System Series Roundtable on Vaule and Science-Driven Health Care, Value in Health Care: Accounting for Cost, Quality, Safety, Outcomes, and Innovation - Workshop Summary. This collection of papers and insights reflect the serious, reflective engagement of patients, providers, manufacturers, economists, payers, and employers - from both public and private sectors - in the central issues of value in health care.

   The Value-Based Hospital

In response to an extraordinary combination of pressures, leading health-care providers around the world are embracing a new operating model: the value-based hospital. BCG describes the advantages of the new model and defines a six-step tranformation agenda for any provider seeking to put value for patients at the center of its strategy and offering. Full pdf report also available.

   Redefining Health Care

Renowned economist and Harvard professor, Michael Porter, discusses 'The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care'; the 'Value Agenda'. See also Toby Cosgrove's 'Value-Based Health Care Is Inevitable'.

   The Four Habits of High-Value Health Care Organiaations

Richard M.J. Bohmer, M.B., Ch.B., M.P.H. discusses how health care delivery organizations can reliably deliver higher value. Although high-value health care organizations vary in structure, resources, and culture, they often have remarkably similar approaches to care management. Specific tactics vary, but their “habits” — repeated behaviors and activities and the ways of thinking that they reflect and engender — are shared. This is important because experience suggests that such habits may be portable.