The Right Tool via Healthcare Finance

NHS Future-Focused Finance has developed a decision-making toolkit to help the service make better value-based decisions.

Does your organisation make good, value-based decisions? Are they made as quickly as stakeholders expect? How often are they implemented as intended? Are sufficient resources allocated to making and executing decisions?

Three Tools to Help on our journey towards greater value via NHS confederation

Focusing on reducing variation and realising value as the starting point for conversations between commissioners and providers can help develop strong, sustainable health economy-wide strategic plans. Three practical tools are especially useful, explains Mark Redhead.

Last month, NHS Right Care launched the latest Atlas of Variation. For me, the take home message from the launch event was that by focusing on reducing unwarranted variation, we can realise better value.

Working Together on Better Decisions via the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

The launch of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ initiative “Choosing Wisely” last week in the BMJ highlighted the importance of encouraging doctors and patients to have conversations about the value of treatments, and avoiding the over-medicalisation of illness.

Decisions of Value via NHS Providers

CIPFA and BPV Roundtable

CIPFA and BPV held a value roundtable on Monday 30th March 2015, chaired by CIPFA Chief Executive Rob Whiteman and featruring 25 key players, including SRO Caroline Clarke. They considered:

Practical Support via healthcare finance

A future-focused finance workstream aims to help the NHS make the best use of its resources for patients. Best possible value lead Caroline Clarke explains how.

The notion of value in healthcare has been gaining real currency in recent years. As we seek to address the challenges of the Five-year forward view, a focus on value is a critical component of local (and national) conversations to ensure that we deliver the most benefit to our patients within the resources we have.