CIPFA and BPV Roundtable

CIPFA and BPV held a value roundtable on Monday 30th March 2015, chaired by CIPFA Chief Executive Rob Whiteman and featruring 25 key players, including SRO Caroline Clarke. They considered:

  • What has been achieved by the BPV work to date, and how can it be made better?
  • How can we ensure traction in the service so that value is seen as the answer to questions of transformation?
  • What work are participants doing on value and how can we work together to build that traction?
  • What links can we make to enhance the messages around the importance of value across the service and support people in achieving it?


Caroline Clarke, Rob Whiteman and Jennifer Howells at CIPFA's Value Round Table


The outcomes are summarised and available for download:

   CIPFA Value Round Table Summary 30 Mar 15


Orginally blogged by Paul Carey-Kent (Health & Social Care Policy Manager, CIPFA) on Future-Focused Finance.