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As part of the Future-Focused Finance programme, this work-stream provides practical tools and resources to support NHS finance business partners and NHS organisations in delivering the Best Possible Value for patients and the public.

This website provides details of the Best Possible Value process and is also a repository of value-oriented tools, data sources and case studies. Contents are updated continually so sign up to the Future-Focused Finance newsletter and get in touch with the Community of Practice to keep up to date.


Meet the Team

Paul Baumann, Chief Financial Officer of NHS England, sponsoring Finance Leadership Council member;

Caroline Clarke, Director of Finance at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Senior Responsible Officer; and

Jennifer Howells, Regional Director of Finance for NHS England, Programme Director.


Scope and Aims of the Best Possible Value Action Area

To construct a decision-making framework that will support finance professionals in making decisions with a best possible value perspective.  Within this framework, to develop a suite of evidence-based products – tools, exemplars of best practice, case studies, training, etc. – that can be used by finance professionals to make decisions as effectively as possible.


Value as a Guiding Principle

Value - realising the best possible benefit for patients with the resources we have - is a useful lens through which to view and deliver the transformation agenda. Demonstrating value can help provide the necessary assurance to populations, patients and taxpayers that we are spending money wisely in the pursuit of higher quality care. By adopting a value mind-set, all organisations can be confident of going in the right direction in a way that doesn’t need to be overly prescribed.

Value is being used as a means of evaluating progress on the national vanguard programme, ensuring that the initiatives that do the most for patients at scale are properly supported and developed. On a more day-to-day basis, NHS Right Care and similar tools and approaches can be used to put value at the centre of what the service is doing more broadly.

The Decision Effectiveness Framework handbook for an allocation decision is available to download below and should be used to support and assure all key decisions and in the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans:

   Download Decision Handbook Example - Allocation

The learning section of this website will help you to use and effectively apply the Decision Effectiveness Framework in your organisation.


Getting Started

BACKGROUND - why focusing on value and decision-making benefits organisations, staff and patients

LEARN - how to use the tools developed for the NHS to improve value-based decisions

TOOLS - download templates and guides ready to use in your organisation

COMMUNITY - find out what others are doing, get advice and share experiences

LINKS - sources of data, additional reading and how we fit with other organisations working on value in the NHS


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